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William (left), Otto (middle), and Amel Bahr (Right), Bahr Brothers Original Founders

William Jackson (left) and Jeff Jackson (right), Bahr Brothers Second & Third Generation of Owners

Some men see things to change and are driven to affect this change. So it was over a century ago that William, Amel, and Otto Bahr started Bahr Bros., Mfg. Demand for an easy to change and low cost replacement component for a paper mill machine prompted them to begin operations in Marion, Indiana in 1909.

In 1966 Bahr Bros., Mfg. was purchased by Bill Jackson. After introducing one of the most innovative compensation plans for his hourly workers and expanding Bahr’s product line to offer general casting work, Bill sold the operation to his son, Jeff. Today, Bahr Brother’s product mix is 70% general casting work and 30% paper mill work.

In 2018 Jeff sold the foundry to Tim Street, his son-in-law Scott Bratcher, and his son Blain Jackson. Today Bahr Brother's product mix is 20% paper mill work and 80% general casting work. 

For over a century Bahr Brothers has been committed to providing the highest quality replacement and original equipment parts. Our commitment to our clients is to continue to help them solve their component/parts replacement problems in the least expensive manner with the fastest turnaround times possible. In addition to these capabilities, our machine shop provides clients with excellent component/parts finishing.


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