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Metals Produced

  1020      1030     1040      1045       8620      8630      8640     G4000      G2500         304        316      410      420       

17-4PH    BAC       WCA       WCB       WCC       WC6       WC9      65-45       80-55          Manganese       HU       HK

    HF         HT          HH     HH Type 2  HU     HC-250   CA-6MN   Ni-HARD



  • Sand Mixer (3)

    • Palmer M100XLD​

    • Palmer M200XLD

    • Palmer M300XLD

  • Sand Heater (3)

  • Shakeout Deck Attrition Mill


  • 3500lb Furnace (2)

  • 1500lb Furnace

  • 500lb Furnace


  • Clansman G45 Grinder

  • Pneumatic Grinders

  • Swing Grinder

  • Cut-Off Saw

At Bahr Brothers, we produce the highest quality castings on the market today. Our process begins with our pattern shop where our highly skilled team creates hand-crafted patterns. These patterns then go to our molding department where molds are created using silica sand and a special blend of oils to create a rock-hard cope and drag, which are then seamlessly put together. Once the pattern has been molded, the mold goes to our melting department who then pour from one of our four furnaces resulting in a flawless casting. The castings are then sent to our team of grinders/welders who either hand-grind or use our auto-grinder, which drastically reduces time. This team or grinders works tirelessly to remove any imperfections such as fins, burnt-on sand, or porosity. Once finished the castings are ready to ship out.

Our on-site machine shop can preform any task needed for castings that are only a few pounds up to castings that are thousands of pounds. We also have a heat-treat oven that can be used to anneal, normalize, harden, and temper.

At Bahr Brothers Mfg. we can solve your every casting need big or small.

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