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Bahr Brothers Manufacturing Inc.

Your FOUNDRY Source Since 1909

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General casting work that includes the pulp and paper, aluminum smelting, heavy construction & mining, food processing industry and countless more



Hard-Facing can be applied to worn rotors with stellite plate or other hard-facing material depending on customer requirements


Our shop contains several types of lathes swinging up to 100" in diameter as well as Blanchard grinders and drill presses. In addition we offer milling capabilities for a wide variety of applications.


Heat treatment of castings is primarily used to alter the physical, and sometimes chemical, properties of the cast alloy. Many of the mechanical properties of both ferrous and non-ferrous alloys are determined by their microstructure. Heat treatment Is an efficient way of manipulating the crystalline structure of the alloy to modify its mechanical behaviour in a predictable way

Finished Casting
Finished Casting

Our Work

Over 100 years of Craftsmanship and Passion

Foam Part
Sand Mold
Prepared Pattern
Heat Treatment
Heat Treatment Quench
Finished Casting
Finished Casting
Finished Casting

Founded in 1909 Bahr Brothers has become a staple in the casting industry. We made our debut in the casting industry with plugs and shells for refineries across the country, but have since progressed and adapted to meet the needs of many different industries. A few of these include, but are mostly certainly not limited to the pulp & paper, aluminum smelting, and heavy construction industries. We specialize in low to medium volumes runs with quick turn-around time. We have been passionate and diligent about what we do here at Bahr Brothers since the early twentieth century and promise to continue to be. We are YOUR foundry source since 1909. 


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